Verify documents via mobile



What We Do

We provide a secure platform for SMS-based

verification of business documents.

What We Do

Provide a secure platform for SMS-based verification of business documents.


The problem

In today’s digital landscape, businesses face a significant threat from email fraud. Hackers, adept at manipulating email communications, divert payments to fraudulent accounts. As a result, this deception replaces legitimate payment requests with counterfeit bank details, leading to substantial financial losses. Indeed, the FBI has highlighted that these scams have resulted in losses exceeding $1.8 billion in a single year. Furthermore, the sophisticated tactics employed by imposters complicate the task for companies in distinguishing genuine communications from fraudulent ones.

SMS based verification

The solution

To combat the issue of email fraud, VerifyBy offers a secure, SMS-based authentication solution. This approach significantly lowers the risk of financial deception. Our platform ensures that each payment instruction undergoes a thorough verification process via a secure approval link, confirmed via SMS. Moreover, this method authenticates bank details and bolsters the entire communication chain. Therefore, it acts as a reliable safeguard against fraudulent transactions. With VerifyBy, businesses can rest assured, knowing their financial transactions are protected by a robust layer of security.