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The VerifyBy Solution: Identity Verification via SMS

In the digital age, verifying document authenticity through email is increasingly risky due to the threat of hacking. This vulnerability exposes any email-based verification process to interception, rendering it ineffective against cyber threats.

Why Traditional Verification Methods Fail

Emails are easy targets: Emails can be monitored or altered by hackers, making it impossible to ascertain whether you’re communicating with the actual vendor or a cybercriminal.
Complexity and Risk: Solutions that require vendors to upload sensitive information to a webpage or use encryption can be complex, and any explanatory communication via email is at risk of being read by hackers.

The VerifyBy Advantage: Identity Verification via SMS

VerifyBy transforms verification with a straightforward SMS-based process. This method eliminates the need for app downloads or any other complexity.

Direct and Secure Communication: We limit verification to direct SMS, significantly reducing the risk of information interception.
Early Incorporation of Mobile Numbers: Adding mobile numbers early in the contracting process builds an additional security layer, making it hard for hackers to breach both email and mobile communications.
A More Secure Channel: Authorization via SMS offers enhanced security, as mobile networks are less prone to attacks than email systems.

Verification: VerifyBy offers a straightforward solution for document authentication. For every uploaded PDF or screenshot, our platform creates a distinct approval page, which is sent as an SMS link to the vendor’s mobile. The vendor’s response, either approval or rejection, directly verifies the document’s legitimacy or signals possible fraudulent interference. This ensures the security of your financial transactions and the authenticity of document exchanges.
Dynamic Approval Links: Approval links are active only until a response is received from the vendor. Following approval or rejection, the link is deactivated, and the page is securely deleted, safeguarding sensitive information.
Automated Page Expiry: To maintain security and efficiency, unattended approval pages are automatically removed after two weeks, ensuring no outdated verifications linger.
Enhanced Security with Two-Factor Authentication: Our secure login process is fortified with two-factor authentication, providing robust protection for your account.
Document Management: Our platform offers a full array of features to upload, organize, and monitor your documents, streamlining your verification workflows.
Vendor Management: Easily update and manage your vendor details within a single, user-friendly interface, ensuring accurate and up-to-date vendor information.
SMS Communication Oversight: Keep a close watch on all verification SMS communications sent and received, offering transparency and traceability of your verification processes.
Personalized Verification Workflow: Customize your verification process to align with your business needs. With Verifyby, modify the verification page appearance, steps, and communication messages for a seamless integration into your operational flow.
Bulk Data Handling: Our platform supports export/import capabilities for batch processing, allowing for efficient data management and operational scalability.

User-Specific Alphanumeric Sender ID: Personalize SMS communications by setting up an alphanumeric sender name for each user/company. This feature allows for recognizable and customized sender names in countries where alphanumeric sender names are permitted.

User grouping: Enable a collaborative environment where multiple users from the same company can access and manage documents, folders, messages, and vendor lists collectively. This feature is designed to support teamwork and ensure a unified approach to the verification process.

Simplicity and Security Combined

Our solution champions the belief that simplicity bolsters security. By adopting an easily accessible SMS-based process, VerifyBy ensures information security and user-friendliness for both vendors and companies. This straightforward approach minimizes confusion and the risk associated with sophisticated email frauds.
VerifyBy heralds a new era in secure document verification, meeting the contemporary demands for security and simplicity in business communications.